How To Tune A Pioneer Car CD Deck

Excited on how to tune a Pioneer car CD deck? Setting your car CD deck first before driving on the road lets you enjoy music without the hassle of tuning or making adjustments which may divert your attention from driving. To tune a pioneer car CD deck takes only a few minutes and after that, all you need to do is enjoy the music as you drive.

What you need:

  • Pioneer car CD Player


  1. Set your pioneer CD player’s equalizer. Pioneer has six stored equalizer settings and they are the Dynamic, Vocal, Natural, Custom, Flat and Powerful. These equalizer settings may differ depending on the model of your pioneer CD player. Press the equalizer button repeatedly to choose which setting you liked best. You may also customize the stored equalizer setting, and it will be saved as Custom. Select Flat setting if you prefer no changes at all.

  2. Adjust the bass, mid and treble. Press Audio button and select either bass, mid or treble. Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the level from +6 to -6. To go back to the normal display, press the Band button.

  3. Turn on the loudness. Loudness enhances the low or high sound ranges when the volume is low. Press Audio and select the Loud feature. Use the up and down arrow buttons to turn it on or off while the left and the right arrow buttons let you choose either low or high level. Press the Band button to turn back to normal display.

  4. Balance the sound output by using the Fader or Balance setting. Fader and Balance setting allows you to balance the sound coming from the car speakers. Press Audio then select Fad. Fad F15 for the front speakers while Fad R15 for the rear speakers is displayed. Use the up and down arrow buttons to adjust the front or the rear speaker balance. Select Fad 0 if you prefer to use only two speakers. Use the left and right arrow button to adjust the left and the right speakers sound output. Bal L15 for the left speakers and Bal R15 for the right speakers is displayed. Return to the normal display by pressing Band.

  5. Setting the AM and FM tuning. Set the AM and FM seek tuning by pressing Function and using the left and right arrow buttons to select 50 kHz and 100 kHz for FM while 9 kHz and 10 kHz for AM. Press the left or right arrow buttons to perform the seek tuning or manually seek tuning by briefly pressing the left or right arrow buttons until a frequency signal is found.

  6. Tune in to strong AM or FM signals. Strong AM or FM frequencies have clearer reception while weaker frequencies have fuzzy reception thus affects the sound your car CD deck produces. You can store the strong frequency signal by using the Local Seek Tuning setting. Press and hold the Function button until the Local setting appears on the CD player’s screen. Use the up and down arrow buttons to turn the Local Seek Tuning on or off. Use the left and right arrow buttons to select the level of frequency reception in which Local 4 is the highest and receives only the strongest frequencies. If you prefer a specific station to be stored, use the preset tuning buttons which lets you store up to six frequencies. As you are currently tuned into your favorite station, press and hold the preset tuning button where you want to save the frequency to and wait until the preset number stops flashing.



Ensure your Pioneer car CD deck is always clean and moist free to avoid damage, overheating or even electric shock.

If the car battery was discharged or disconnected, the settings made on the CD player may be set to default and may need to be readjusted.

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