How To Tune A Subwoofer Box

You just purchased a subwoofer to go along with your sound system and you want to know how to tune a subwoofer box. A subwoofer delivers that hard core heavy bass, in addition to enhancing the overall sound to your home theater system. When tuned properly subwoofers makes the overall surround sound system sound the absolute best that it can. When tuning a subwoofer you are able to maximize the sound to its full use. Subwoofer produce the low frequency sounds from the surround sound speakers; thus the massive bass. You can tune a subwoofer box in little time by following a few easy steps.

  1. Determine the maximum frequency range that your speakers can produce. If you have your manual handy you can look up the frequency range in their.  You can also get the information off of the back of the main surround sound speaker. The frequency range are the left and right channels that has the Hz frequency range on the back of the speakers.
  2. Adjust the knobs on the back of the subwoofer.  Set the control knob on the back of the sub 10Hz to15Hz higher than the lowest frequency on the main speaker. This enables you to redirect some of the bass sound to the subwoofer box. The bass will be reproduced to the subwoofer from the surround sound speakers because it will spit the bass between the sub and the speakers.
  3. Position the subwoofer. Having your subwoofer box placed next to the front speakers near the television is a great place to position your sub. Just don't have it directly leaning up against any walls. To determine the most crisps sound place the subwoofer in one location, then walk around the room to judge the sound, whichever position you get the best sound from is where you should place the subwoofer boxbass.
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