How To Tune A Tenor Banjo

Knowing how to tune a tenor banjo is important among music enthusiasts who probably want to try something new. Tuning a banjo is a relatively simple process that only requires a few items. A beginner's knowledge is all your really need to tune a tenor banjo effectively. As you practice it, you will get more efficient at tuning.

Things you will need to tune a tenor banjo:

  • A piano (or other tuned instrument)
  • A good ear
  1. The first thing you will want to know is that a standard tuning on a tenor banjo is C-G-D-A with C being the thickest string. It is not really necessary to learn this, but as you progress more into music theory it would do you well to memorize it.
  2. The next step is to take the other instrument that you acquired and play a C. You will have to use your ear to do this. It could take some time to get this perfect. Make sure you don’t speed through this step. If you do, you could quite possibly screw up the rest of the tuning and have to start over again. Also keep in mind that it is possible this string is already in tune considering it is the thickest string and therefore, less likely to go out of tune.
  3. After you have the fourth string tuned, you want to hit the seventh fret. This will give you a G note. You will want to use this to tune the G string or the third string down on the guitar. Make sure to get the note right so to not screw up the tuning of the rest of the strings.
  4. Repeat step three for the next two strings until they are all tuned. Once again, make sure to get the tuning close so your tenor banjo sounds good!
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