How To Turn Car AC Pump Into Air Compressor

Do you want to know how to turn car AC pump into air compressor? Basically a car AC pump is just that, a compressor, which in normal working order compresses other gases, but can compress air if properly set. Regardless if what you have is a piston, scroll, wobble plate, variable stroke or vane pump, all of them have a low pressure input and a high pressure output.

What you need to turn a car AC pump into an air compressor is:

  • A car AC pump.
  • A twelve Volt, 55 to 70 Amp. power source.
  • A work bench.
  • Cramps.
  • Cables.
  • Rubber hoses.

The steps to turn a car AC pump into an air compressor are:

  1. Place the car AC pump on the work bench and secure it using cramps. 
  2. Locate the gas inlet and outlet holes. Tighten a section of five inches of hose in each hole.
  3. Locate the power input switch.
  4. Plug in the negative cable of the power source in the negative pole of the pump.
  5. Once you are ready, give power to the pump by touching the positive bolt in the pump with the positive cable from the power source. If nothing happens, it will be necessary to use a switch, and you will find a white flat plug. Check with the pump manufacturer to find out which two spots in the plug are the ones that work as on/off switch, and bond them.
  6. When the motor starts, grab one of the hoses and cover it´s end. The end that produces suction is the input, and the one that blows is the output.
  7. Make sure that the oil level and circulation are right. Sometimes pumps designed to work pressurizing heavy gases use that gas to remain lubed, so pumping dry may damage the pump.
  8. Depending on the type of pump, the air flow will be smoother or rougher. A vane design will deliver a stable flow, whereas a piston pump will deliver bursts of air.
  9. If you have an air tank, you can link it to the pump to preserve pressurized air for later use. To do this, always install a barometer not to exceed the tank´s capacity, which could turn it dangerous.
  10. To minimize vibrations, install the air pump on a pair of wood chunks. Also, additional support can be given using rubber cubes attached to the pump´s base.

Remember that even though the voltage in a car´s electric system is low, it´s amperage is quite high, and shocks are nothing funny.

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