How To Turn Down The Volume On A Wii Controller

If you're wanting to know how to turn down the volume on a Wii controller, you're not alone. Plenty of people have been through the same scenario: your roommate's trying to get some sleep in the next room, and you've got the sound on the TV turned down to accommodate them while you're saving Princess Zelda for the umpteenth time. All's well until you swing that controller around to hit that baddie with your sword and "clang!" Your Wii controller's built-in speaker's still blaring out sounds. Don't fret, turn down the volume on a Wii controller by:

  1. Push the "Home" button. Press that little button with the cute little blue house on it in the middle of your controller. Doesn't matter if you're in the middle of a game, paused, or on the Wii Channels menu, the Home button will always bring up the same screen.
  2. Select "Wii Remote Settings". At the bottom of the screen, right below the display of the various battery charges of the connected controllers, you'll see "Wii Remote Settings."  When the section is highlighted, the little image of a Wii controller pops up like the happy guy it is. Press "A" to select this to take you to the Wii Remote Settings screen.
  3. Toggle the Volume settings. The top option on the Wii Remote Settings screen is "Volume"- exactly what you're looking for! Hit the "-" or "+" icons to decrease or increase the volume on the Wii controller speaker as desired; you'll hear a corresponding tone from the speaker to help you gauge exactly what level is the one you're looking for.
  4. Adjust other settings if you like. The Wii Remote Settings screen also features the option to turn on or off the controller's rumble capability as well as a "reconnect" button that allows you to switch which controller is player 1, player 2, etc.
  5. You're done! Once you've got your Wii controller set up just how you like it, you can select and press A on the bottom "Close Wii Remote Settings" area to exit that screen, or simply press the home button on the controller again to get right back into the action. You've just turned down the volume on a Wii controller!


If you set the volume on the Wii controller speaker all the way down, the sounds that would normally come from that speaker would instead play from the TV speakers themselves.

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