How To Turn On A Girl With Scent

It’s great to know how to turn a girl on with scent. You can make her want you before you even touch her.  Strategically use scent to turn a girl on so you smell irresistible, and she won’t be able to say no.  

  1. Be clean. Your own natural scent will turn a girl on. A myth says that women like the smell of a man’s sweat. Nope. Don’t believe it. She likes the scent of a very clean, un-sweaty you. Move close, and she can detect your own manly pheromones being emitted.
  2. Buy the most expensive cologne you can afford as your signature scent. Ask her what she likes. She'll be flattered and attracted by the fact that you care. Stay away from dollar store scents, which are too strong, and actually give some people a headache. Choose something you are attracted to, and she’ll be attracted to you. If you use aftershave, buy it in the same scent as your cologne.
  3. The key is that a little bit goes a long way. Wear just the right amount. Use a couple of small dabs or a small spritz of cologne. Apply scent sparingly. Make sure she can’t smell you unless she gets within a foot or two of you. Invite her to sit close to you on a love seat, which will reel her in close enough to enjoy you.
  4. Put scent on before you put on your clothes. Think of scent as part of your wardrobe. Wear nice clothes that catch her eye, along with your cologne. Wear scent on your neck, and a little on your chest. Later, when you snuggle, you’ll turn a girl on with scent.
  5. Her memory will always equate your scent as a turn on. The olfactory sense of smell is the most powerful. Turn a girl on with scent by always wearing the same scent. She will respond to you most favorably.
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