How To Turn On A Girl By Touch

Turning on a girl can be less difficult than you think, and these tips on how to turn on a girl by touch can make things much easier the next time you are ready to drive your girl wild. As long as you take it slow and use these tips, it will not be long before you are an expert at using the perfect touch and will be able to turn your girl on easily. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Use light touches. It does not matter what area of her body you are touching when you use light touches. Just a whisper of a fingertip across her face can send shivers up her spine. The sensation of someone else using a very light pressure can be totally erogenous.
  2. Focus on certain areas. Every woman is different but there are certain areas that many girls like touched, such as behind her knees, her neck, her inner thighs and her feet. While it is common knowledge that she may like her breasts or vagina touched, these are areas that can be more subtle, yet just as hot.
  3. Use only touch. If she is willing, try incorporating a blindfold into the equation so that she gets to feel every touch, not knowing where the next may be. Her senses will be more focused if she can not see where you plan to touch her next.
  4. Warm your hands. Nothing is more of a turn-off than cold hands. Be sure that before you touch her anywhere that you have your hands nice and warm. Ice can be fun to play with but not ice cold hands.
  5. Use massage techniques. You do not have to be a professional to give a good massage. Get some massaging oil and simply rub her all over, focusing lightly on her muscles. Take note of how much pressure she enjoys and give her the best erotic massage ever. A good idea is not to start with the areas she might think you would start with, such as her breasts or inner thighs. Work your way to those areas, teasing lightly as you go. She will be anticipating you working your way to those areas and it will build up the excitement.

If you utilize these tips on how to turn on a girl by touch, you will be an expert before you know it. These are easy to do and will have your girl wanting more of your touch.

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