How to Turn a Girl On Without Touching Her

To know how to turn a girl on without touching her is to hold an important key to female arousal. A man who can do that understands that for most women it isn't always just about the physical act when it comes to romance and desire. He knows how to turn a girl on without touching her because he understands that stimulating her senses is the biggest turn on there is. It doesn't take a Harvard degree to be like that man and learn how to turn her on without touching her, but it does take a bit of imagination, attentiveness and romanticism.

  1. Feed her. Want to turn a girl on without touching her? Appeal to her sense of taste by making a romantic dinner. Slowly feed her dessert by candlelight and it's a good bet that before the meal is over you'll be turned on as well.
  2. Use your scent. Chances are that the smell of you was one of the things that drew her to you in the first place. Do you have her favorite cologne on you? A body wash or aftershave that always makes her inhale deeply? Entice her sense of smell by smelling nice, but not overpowering.
  3. Stimulate her with words. The best way to turn a girl on without touching her is through her sense of hearing. It isn't that women don't enjoy the physical aspect of romance, but learning to be mentally or orally stimulating gives you the ability to turn your girl on no matter where you are. Not all women respond to the same verbal stimulation, so get to know your girl and what words will turn her on. Whether she likes talking dirty or talking mathematics, you'll have her turned on without touching a hair on her body.
  4. Use visual touch. Of course, this is about turning your girl on without touching her, so it isn't her that you should touch. Turn on her sense of sight by touching yourself and she won't be able to stop touching you. Make it even more of a turn on for both of you by not allowing her to touch you as well.
  5. Sensation. We're still not implying that you can touch her yet, at least not with your hands anyway. Another enticing way to turn a girl on is by touching her with the sensation of your breath on her skin. If you've already turned her on through taste, smell, and visual touch, stimulating her sense of touch will be the final straw in making her hypersensitive and completely turned on. Be as imaginative as you can with sensation, just remember: don't actually make physical contact by touching her with your hands or body.
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