How To Turn On An iHome IH19

Looking for directions on how to turn on an iHome IH19? There is actually no power button on an iHome IH19. To turn on an iHome IH19, you simply need to connect an iPod to your iHome IH19 and insert the iPod into the docking station. Of course, to turn on an iHome IH19, your iHome IH19 has to be receiving power from an electrical outlet or batteries.

To turn on an iHome IH19, you will need:

  • Batteries or your iHome IH19 AC adaptor cable
  • Your iPod
  1. Batteries. The iHome IH19 is portable, which means it can run off of batteries. To run your iHome IH19 off of batteries, you need to insert four AA batteries into the battery compartment on your iHome IH19. 
  2. Electrical Outlet. You can also turn on an iHome IH19 via an electrical outlet. You will need your AC adaptor to plug your iHome IH19 into an electrical outlet. One end of the AC adaptor cable goes into the jack located on the top of your iHome IH19 and the other end goes into an electrical outlet.
  3. iPod. To turn on an iHome IH19, you will need to connect your iPod to your iHome IH19. You will need to insert the connector plug, which is located on your iHome IH19, into your iPod. Once the connector plug has been inserted, place your iPod into the docking station on your iHome IH19. Your iHome IH19 will automatically turn on.

Tip: If you need to charge your iPod while it is connected to your iHome IH19, you will need to be powering your iHome IH19 via an electrical outlet. Batteries will not charge your iPod.



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