How To Turn On An iHome

Knowing how to turn on an iHome is quite simple. Actually getting out of bed when it wakes you up is not. An iHome is a cool clock radio that works almost exactly like all the other clock radios. It tells the time and annoys you in the wee hours of the morning or at whatever time you have programmed it to wake you up. What sets the iHome apart from all the other clock radios is that you can dock an iPod to it. Now you can wake up to the songs you store on your iPod rather than some random Monday morning annoyance like "One Less Lonely Girl."

To turn on an iHome, you will need:

  • Two to four AA Batteries
  • A reliable power source
  1. Turn on your iHome at home. Take the iHome out of the packaging material. Read the directions if you desire and locate the power cord. Make sure your outlet actually works and plug it in. Locate the power button and press down on it. Voila.
  2. Turn on your iHome on the road. The iHome utilizes batteries as a backup energy source in case of any electrical outages. To turn on an iHome when there are no outlets available, all you need is AA batteries. Depending upon which model you have, you will need either two or four batteries. Open the battery compartment, align the batteries correctly and replace the panel cover. Locate the power button and press down on it. Voila.
  3. Not working? If your iHome will not turn on, there are a few things you can try. First check if your outlet actually works. If the problem is that you can not hear any music, then the problem may be your iPod. As cool as an iHome is, it does not actually charge your iPod’s battery. The good news is the back up buzzer will still wake you up.
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