How To Turn Off Iphone

If you recently purchased an iPhone and don't know how to turn it off, don't worry—it is easy to learn how to turn off the iPhone.  You only need to know where to look.  You may want to turn off the iPhone so you won't be interrupted by phone calls, or you may want to reboot it as part of updating the iPhone software.  No matter what your reason for turning off the iPhone is, you can turn it off in a matter of seconds.

  1. Find the Sleep/Wake button.  Look at the top of your iPhone.  Across from the headset plugin is the Sleep/Wake button.  You can use this button to put the iPhone in sleep mode or turn off the iPhone.
  2. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button.  Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for three seconds so the option to turn off the iPhone will come up.  If you only press and release the Sleep/Wake button, the iPhone will not turn off.
  3. Turn off the iPhone.  After you press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, a red bar will come up that says "slide to power off."  Tap the red arrow and drag it to the right.  The iPhone will turn off. 


  • It takes a couple of minutes to turn on an iPhone after you turn it off.  If you want to save some of the battery life but still be able to access your email and apps quickly, you can put the iPhone in Sleep mode.  Press and release the Sleep/Wake button to put the iPhone in sleep mode. 


Apple: Turn off iPhone



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