How To Turn On QWERTY Keyboard On Nokia 5800

Knowing how to turn on the QWERTY keyboard on your Nokia 5800 can let you text and type messages faster than ever before. The 5800 has plethora of options to choose from when writing text, including the QWERTY keyboard, the handwriting detection system and the alphanumeric keypad. For most avid texters, however, the QWERTY keyboard is the quickest and most comfortable method, so knowing how to turn it on is a vital part of getting the most out of the phone. If you've lost your user's guide or can't find an answer, just follow these steps to turn on the QWERTY keyboard of your Nokia 5800.

Things you'll need:

  • Nokia 5800
  1. Put the phone in landscape mode. In order to turn on the QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia 5800, you'll have to be using the phone in landscape mode. If you don't do this, your only option for entering text will be handwriting recognition or the alphanumeric keypad.
  2. Select the keyboard icon and QWERTY option. Press the icon that looks like a small, gray keyboard and you will presented with a list of choices to use for entering text. Select "Full Screen QWERTY." The screen should now feature a full keyboard for you use.
  3. Start typing. Once you have turned on the QWERTY keyboard of the Nokia 5800, you can type using either or fingers or the stylus. Give it a try and pretty soon you'll be texting and typing faster than ever before!


  • It is helpful to become familiar with the display surrounding the QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia 5800. For instance, the green checkmark in the upper left corner will close the keyboard. The button directly below this checkmark will open input and language options and the buttons in the bottom left corner will help you switch between numbers, letters and symbols  Getting used to these controls will help you utilize the keyboard to its fullest extent.
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