How To Turn A Seasonal Job Into A Year Round Job

Getting a seasonal job is great for students, including anyone who is looking to supplement their income; the downside is these jobs are only temporary—so knowing how to turn a seasonal job into a year round job is valuable information.

  1. Be an excellent employee. One of the secrets on how to turn a seasonal job into a year round job is, being on time, reliability, and communication, so make sure you are dependable and treat your seasonal job as if it is a permanent one. If your manager needs someone to fill in for a shift or ask you to stay overnight, do not hesitate to do so. Communicate effectively with customers and ask if they need any help. An excellent work performance may lead into a year round job.
  2. Be a quick learner. With most seasonal jobs, work can get busy, especially during the holiday season and you may need to be quick (also think!) on your feet during your work performance. Impress your manager by learning to work independently and not rely on them to be at your side every minute.
  3. Challenge yourself. Sometimes you may wear different hats in the workplace, especially if you work in retail, so be prepared if your manager assign you to different duties. Showing your ability to gain new skills can benefit you later on, and land you a year round job.
  4. Be a team player. Do not fret being a new employee or a seasonal worker because your co-workers are well acquainted with one another. Communicate with your fellow workers, including managers and express help to them, if they needed it. Not gossiping or bad mouthing shows you can get along with others and you will not create any unnecessary drama.
  5. Look like you belong in the workplace. Just because your seasonal job is temporary, does not mean to dress out of place. If you work at clothing store, dress stylishly to represent the company as its best.
  6. Ask your manager about open positions. When the summer or holiday season is drawing to a close, talk to the manager about turning the seasonal job into year round. Although there is a 50/50 chance of being hired, it does not hurt to ask, and if you contribute excellently to the company, your chances of being hired will increase.

Tip: Unfortunately, a seasonal job will be just that, a seasonal job. Even if you do not land the position permanently, thank your supervision for the job, look on the bright side, as you gained skills and experience, and have a reference when you apply for a next job.

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