How To Turn On Skis

In the exciting world of skiing, Learning how to turn on skis is nearly as important as learning how to stand on skis. Turning on skis will allow you to maneuver downhill and to avoid obstacles and people. Turning on skis is mechanically straightforward process. Turning on skis is one of the first routines in skiing you will learn. You must know how to turn on skis or the concept of skiing is lost. Once you have established you ability to balance on skis and ski in a line, your efforts must be on turning. Turning on skis will allow you to, well ski. Being able to balance and ride a bunny slope straight down is not skiing. Skiing is an entire discipline and turning is a key factor.

Below are the steps you need to understand and employ when turning on skis.

Things you need to turn on skis:

  • Skis
  • Skiing gear
  • Bunny slope


  1. Ensure your binding are secure and tight. Although you are not doing anything extravagant, loosing a ski while turning can be a pain. Your posture is important. Keep your body upright and your hands out in front of you.
  2. To make a right hand skiers turn, your right leg should be your uphill leg. Take pressure off your right leg. Apply increased pressure on your left ski (inside of the ski). The pressure on the downhill ski (left) and move the skier right. To switch, do the complete opposite, shifting your weight from side to side.
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