How To Turn Songs Into Ringtones

Wondering how to turn songs into ringtones? Ringtones are a fun addition to a mobile phone; however, paying for different tunes and downloading ringtones can add up, especially when your phone bill comes in monthly. Save money and read how to turn songs into ringtones and customize that ringtone anyway you want.

All you need is:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Your mobile phone
  • Text messaging service
  1. Go to Ventones At you will find helpful directions on how to turn songs into ringtones where members customize any song into ringtones.  Register within the website, creating a username, password, valid email address and information about your mobile phone–phone carrier, manufacturer and phone model.
  2. Upload a song After signing up at Ventones, go to the left side of the page and click on "Create Free Ringtones." Click on the "Browse" button to find the song you want to create as a ringtone and select the "Upload Song" button. Wait for a few seconds for the song to upload.
  3. Create a ringtone Use the white bar to select the part of a song to use as a ringtone and click on the "Play" button. Select "Create Ringtone" to record. If you are not satisfied with the ringtone, you can edit it as many times you wish and preview the ringtone before making it visible to the public. Your ringtone length can be changed to your liking. Type in the number of seconds you want the ringtone to last and press the "Tab" button on your keyboard. There are three ways to retrieve the ringtone: send it to your phone to download, open up your mobile browser and type in the address link or save it to your computer for later use.
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