How To Turn A Straight Guy Gay

If you are a gay man, you may have wondered how to turn a straight guy gay. It is perfectly natural for gay men to be attracted to straight men, or to realize that a straight guy is really gay inside.  Here are some ways to turn a straight guy gay:

  1. Become friends with the straight guy. A straight guy won't turn gay overnight, or through casual everyday conversation, so it is necessary to develop a friendship. Straight men who may turn gay need time to realize and accept that part of their personality. A long-term friendship ensures you are part of their life when it happens. 
  2. Discuss the gay lifestyle with the straight guy. Straight guys often have little idea about the realities of life as a gay man. Many closeted gay men avoid coming out due to concerns about unknown social pressures. Speaking of the realities that gay men face, both positive and negative, may alleviate their fears and convince them that being gay is not abnormal. 
  3. Take the straight guy to gay events and gatherings. Taking a straight guy to gay events is a great way to expose him to gay culture. A straight man may come out sooner if he is comfortable amongst gay people. 
  4. Discuss issues of sexuality directly. Talking to the straight guy directly about his sexuality may be difficult. Many men, even those who may be gay, are often guarded about their feelings on homosexuality. Bringing these issues into the open may encourage them to explore their feelings rather than suppressing them.



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