How To Turn Tub Into A Jacuzzi

If you want a little relief from those sore, aching muscles at the end of the day, you may want to find out how to turn a tub into a Jacuzzi. There are options and kits available to help you turn a regular tub into a Jacuzzi. Most home improvement stores carry conversion kits that allow you to install jets and pumps in an existing tub, without the need for removal. When you purchase a Jacuzzi conversion kit, make sure it includes the items below; otherwise, you will need to purchase the items separately (most kits do not come with hole saws, for example).

To turn a tub into a Jacuzzi, you will need:

  • A jet pump and motor
  • Jet heads
  • Aerators
  • Jet eyes
  • A suction head, elbow and cover
  • Hoses (a complete set of one-inch and one-and-a-half-inch flex hose and appropriate air hoses)
  • An on/off button  
  • Silicone, PVC primer and glue
  • A hole saw
  • Access to a GFCI outlet with 15amp/110v circuit
  1. Using the specific instructions for your kit, locate appropriate locations for pumps and jets. Pumps are usually installed in the recesses of a tub, however your specific pump and tub combination may require a different location.
  2. Using an appropriately-sized hole saw, cut holes in the tub body for the placement of your jets. Depending on the kit, you may need four, six or eight holes.
  3. Feed hoses through the drilled holes and along tub recesses or hollows according to your specific Jacuzzi kit instructions. Most kits require one main hose to the pump, with other hoses connecting each jet in a string. However, kits vary in terms of specific hose set up.
  4. Insert jet pieces and aerators into the holes per your kit instructions. Attach to applicable hoses and elbow pieces, depending on the exact location of the jet in relation to the pump and hoses.
  5. Use the silicone, PVC primer and glue on individual pieces to obtain a water-tight seal. Silicone trim around jet heads will keep your Jacuzzi from leaking.
  6. Install the on/off switch in a convenient, safe location on the side of the tub rim or on an adjacent wall. The switch should be easily accessible while sitting in the tub.
  7. Wire the switch and jet pump per kit instructions. Take great care to follow the specific instructions included with your particular model of Jacuzzi kit, as incorrect installation of electrical parts can result in serious, if not fatal, injury.

Once you have everything installed and wired, fill your tub and test the system. Check in, around and underneath the tub (if possible) for signs of leaks. If any leaks are detected around jets, silicone may be used to create a better seal. Leaks in hoses will require replacement. Keep in mind that when choosing a conversion kit, there are different types of jets and pump motors. As such, there are different installation requirements for each jet type. Water jets and air jets will have only one pump to install, whereas conversion kits that utilize both water and air jets will have two pumps. This can dramatically change the way you install your kit.

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