How To Turn A Wife Into A Sex Goddess

Learn how to turn a wife into a sex goddess and transform your marriage into a real-life fantasy.  Take the lead in your married sex life without trying to force your wishes on your wife, and dull nights will be history.

  1. Skip the announcement. Don’t start by bullying her into hot, frequent sex or you’ll just scare her off. Use the tips, but don’t be too serious.
  2. Appeal to her emotional side. Tell her you want to have the best marriage possible, and that means a deeper intimacy. Explain that you want to know the sex goddess in her in a way she’s never experienced. 
  3. Bring on the games. Explain that your new intimate journey is going to start with her desires. Tell her to write out a fantasy and leave it for you one morning to read when she’s not there. Don’t embarrass your sex goddess by reading it in front of her. 
  4. Pay her. Not really (unless the fantasy involves her playing a hooker, in which case you might have an expensive problem with your sex goddess). Give her a pile of cash, and tell her you want her to spend every dime of it on lingerie. The kind that makes her feel like a sex goddess, not necessarily what you would pick out.
  5. Date night. Pick a night to execute her sex goddess fantasy. Tell her in advance so she’ll have some time to get excited about it. Don’t make this a going-out night. A fancy dinner out is not the best setup for hot sex. Have something simple ready to eat, but save it for later when you’re famished. 
  6. Take it easy. If things don’t go well, keep it light. A sense of humor is important. And remember, it’s not the last chance you have, and regular sex sometimes means things go awry. Laugh it off and start over, even if that’s not until tomorrow.
  7. Keep a sex schedule. Don’t just wait for the mood to strike, because on a long term basis, it may not. Agree to a number of sex dates per week, and write them on the calendar. Tell her that keeping the commitment is important to your intimate life together. Then stick to it without being pushy. If one of you really is not in the mood, at least get naked in bed with your sex goddess. You never know what might come up.
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