How To Turn On A Wireless Nunchuk For Wii

If you've just purchased a wireless nunchuk adapter for your Nintendo Wii, then you might have some trouble figuring out how to turn on a wireless nunchuk for Wii. Follow these steps to help you learn how to turn on a wireless nunchuk for Wii so that you can start playing.

  1. Plug your wireless nunhcuk adapter into the controller. This is the little square piece and it fits on the bottom of your control where the nunchuk usually plugs in. Make sure the system is "off" when you do this.  
  2. Place the nunchuk in its wireless base and in range of the actual controller. Ensure the batteries are fresh. Bad batteries will cause it to not to work.
  3. Turn on the Wii console manually. Don't use the controller to do this. At this point it should automatically sync up and work correctly as if it were a normal nunchuk, but if you are having trouble you might have to re-sync your controller to the Wii.
  4. Re-sync your controller with the Wii console. To do this simply open the small panel on the front of the Wii underneath the disc slot. Presses the small red button there then take the battery panel off of the Wii controller and press the small red button there.
  5. Start a game that is Wii nunchuk compatible. Test your wireless nunchuk for Wii to ensure that it works properly. Do this simply by playing your favorite game with the wireless Wii nunchuk.

Tip: If your controller or your wireless nunchuk for Wii ever starts acting strangely then you should check the batteries.

Warning: Always use new batteries when replacing old batteries. Bad batteries can damage electrical components.

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