How To Twirl Drumsticks

Every musician or wanna-be rock star drummer definitely needs to know how to twirl drumsticks. Come on, it’s part of the show, right? It’s the foreplay of drumming leading to the climactic ending of every great song. It’s that little something extra that enhances a stellar performance. The “cherry on top,” so to speak. Twirling drumsticks is a lot like getting laid. If you want to learn how to twirl drumsticks, just follow these tips and concentrate on sex!

Things you'll need:

  • Pair of drumsticks
  1. Open your hand To twirl drumsticks you will first have to open your hand wide with all fingers erect and spread apart. Hee hee, that’s what she said!
  2. Position the drumstick Place the drumstick between your index and middle finger in a straight, horizontal line segment. Be sure to hold your hand away from your face so when you begin to twirl drumsticks you don’t put an eye out.
  3. Rock your stick Begin gently rocking your drumstick from side to side like a see-saw. Continue this action until you feel comfortable and you’ve established a smooth steady rhythm.
  4. Use your fingers While rockin’ your stick, start wiggling your middle and index finger back and forth, inwards and outwards so they harmoniously work the stick together causing it to start spinning. Oh, yeah!
  5. Increase your speed Now that you have gotten your groove on and can twirl drumsticks, it’s time to go for the gusto and really start workin’ that baby. Start picking up speed and put on a show! Show ‘em what you got, porn… ahem. Rock star!

See? Learning how to twirl drumsticks can be a snap if you just associate it with sex. Isn’t that what you associate everything else with anyway?



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