How To Unbrick Full Bricked Wii

Every Nintendo Wii owner who downloads or mods Wii files needs to know how to unbrick full bricked Wii. When the Wii is bricked, you'll receive either an error message or, more likely, a completely black screen when trying to turn on the console. This means a file you've downloaded or a change you made to the Wii was bad and caused an error. You'll need to unbrick the Wii to erase the offending file and return your console to working condition.

Items You'll Need:

  • ModChip
  • Nintendo Wii Backup Disc software
  • SD card or blank DVD
  • Modded GameCube controller
  1. Install a ModChip in your Nintendo Wii. Follow the instructions with your ModChip to install it properly. Choose a version that does not require you to solder it to the Wii. Soldering the chip takes more effort and has a high possibility of damaging the Wii permanently if done incorrectly.
  2. Install Nintendo Wii Backup Disc software onto an SD card or blank DVD. This software contains the files to set your Wii back to its original, unbricked settings. It will erase files to remove the offending file you've installed.
  3. Insert the SD card or DVD into your Wii. You'll need to plug the SD card into an SD card adapter first.
  4. Plug a modded GameCube controller into the Wii. The controller needs to be able to press all four directional buttons at once when you hold the directional keys down.
  5. Turn the Nintendo Wii on. As soon as you turn on the console, begin rapidly pressing the directional keys. The modded controller should press all four at once which will take the Nintendo Wii to a new screen. Text should appear on the TV screen.
  6. Choose "Delete All" from the list of options that appears. Wait for the delete to finish and turn your Wii off, then back on again. It should load the normal screen.

Avoid returning to the site where you downloaded the bad file from. If you are unsure what file bricked your Wii, only download from sites you trust and avoid putting several files onto the Nintendo Wii at once as you won't know which was corrupt if the Wii bricks again.

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