How To Unbrick A Wii Black Screen At Startup

If you have installed the Homebrew channel and found out how Nintendo feels about this particular piece of open software, you probably need to know how to unbrick your Wii at the start-up screen. You can pay Nintendo to fix the system for you, but they charge for this service, unless the system is under warranty.. Installing the Homebrew software invalidates the warranty. The type of fix for the console depends on how the system became bricked. If you are wondering what 'bricking' a Wii means, it means something has happened to the system to make it become useless. The system now has all the functionality of a brick.

A fully bricked Wii requires special software to fix. A user knows that this has happened to his Wii if he gets an Opera error at system start up and can go no further. There are two options to recover a fully bricked Wii.

  1. Download a program like Starfall or have a mod chip installed on your Wii. The program or the chip allows the Wii to run specialized software.
  2. Run SaveMii. This does not recover all Wii consoles that have fully lost functionality, but it will work in many cases. Put the disc in before you start your Wii and let it run. If this does not work, use the next option.
  3. Run the Savernii auto boot disc. These discs reformat your Wii console. You will lose any saved games and alterations you made, but you can use your system again. Edit the system settings carefully, if you are asked to do so.

A user facing a bricked Wii can download Starfall from the Crediar Systems website. An earlier version of the program was known as HackInstaller.

Fixing Partially Bricked Wiis

Partially bricked Wiis are much easier to fix than fully bricked Wiis. An owner of the motion-sensitive console may find that three problems make the Wii inaccessible or unusable after it comes past the start up screen. The problem prevents the user loading games or using the other applications listed on the Wii start menu.. The procedure for fixing a partially bricked Wii is similar to the procedure for fixing a fully bricked Wii.

  1. Insert a repair disc into the Wii. Repair discs differ slightly from the bootup discs. The repair discs serve similar functions as the bootup discs, but do not offer the option of reinstalling the Wii software
  2. Go into the files installed. Look for the most recent WAD file in the browser and delete it. Take out the disc.
  3. Restart the Wii. If you identified the correct .wad file, your Wii console should now work correctly.

The easiest way to avoid the problems of your Wii becoming bricked and to save yourself repair headaches is to follow Nintendo's recommendations not to install custom software. If you do not fully understand the hostility the company has towards the Homebrew channel, you are not the only one. If the Homebrew games were of higher quality, they might be an actual threat to Wii video game developers. If the boot discs do not solve your problem, send the Wii back to Nintendo.

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