How To Unbrick A Wii Black Screen

One bad download can ruin your Nintendo Wii, but knowing how to unbrick a Wii black screen will get you up and running again. Regardless of whether you see a completely black Wii screen or receive an error message, you can unbrick your Nintedo Wii to restore it to normal again.

Items You'll Need:

  • ModChip for Wii
  • Nintendo's Official Wii BackUp Disk v1.31.rar file
  • Blank DVD-R
  • Modded GC controller

Steps to Unbrich Your Wii:

  1. Purchase and install a ModChip for the Wii. Find one that does not require soldering. This makes installation easy and reduces the risk of damaging the Wii. Follow the instructions with the ModChip for proper installation.
  2. Download and Install Nintendo's Official Wii BackUp Disk v1.31.rar onto your computer. Open the file and look for a file with an ".iso" extension. Save this file to your computer and burn it onto a DVD-R disc. Check that you burn it onto a DVD disc and not a CD disc. 
  3. Plug a modded GC controller into the fourth slot of the Nintendo Wii. The modded controller simply means it can press all four directional buttons at once. Press the "Power" button the Wii and began pressing the directional pad repeatedly. Since the screen is a Wii black screen, pressing repeatedly ensures you hit the button at the correct time.
  4. Insert the burned DVD-R when the Wii black screen appears.
  5. Choose "Delete All" from the menu that opens once the Ninteo Wii reads the disc. Your Nintendo Wii will return to its original settings and the file which damaged the Wii will be erased.

If you have trouble or cannot unbrick your Nintendo Wii, contact the manufacturer and ask for help. If the Wii is under warranty, you may get a free repair. After the warranty runs out you'll have to pay for this repair. Compare different repair services in your area to get the best price and quality of service.

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