How To Unbrick Wii With No Preloader

if you need to know how to unbrick a Wii with no preloader, you have probably done something that violates Nintendo’s warranty. Don't worry. You probably haven't done anything illegal, just something the company does not approve of, such as installing the Homebrew Channel to play open source Wii games.

Things you'll need to unbrick your Wii with no preloader:

  • BootMii
  • A Computer with Internet connection
  • Knowledge of What Type of Brick Occurred
  1. Download a copy of BootMii from the Internet. Burn it onto your CD. Store the disc someplace safe until you need it.  Keep it on hand until you need it.
  2. Determine what type of brick Occurred. A user cannot fix an extremely low-level brick. Low-level bricks occur when the hardware encounters some problem.
  3. Perform a NAND backup before updating the firmware. The files let you return the system hardware to the way it was before the brick occurred. Let the program complete its operation.
  4. Place the BootMii disk into the Wii.  If the first option that normally boots the system does not work to unbrick a system with no preloader, turn the system back on and put the disk in. Load the boot2mii option at system start up
  5. Follow the options and recover the system. Take the CD out of the now unbricked Wii with preloader. Start the system and see if the unbrick option was successful.

If your unbricked Wii with no preloader does not work, there is a final option. The user can send the system to an authorized Nintendo repair center. If the system warranty has expired or if the owner has taken steps to void the warranty, he must pay for repairs.

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