How To Unbrick Wii

If you have accidently bricked your Wii, learn how to unbrick Wii. Moding your Wii can add to its functionality, but if you make a mistake, the result could be your console's death. Here's how to resurrect the Wii.

If you want to learn how to unbrick your Wii, you will need:

  • a mod chip, such as a Wasabi DX, or DriveKey chip, available online.
  • a Wii back up disc, also available online
  • a  Game Cube controller


  1. Install the mod chip. To install the chip, you need to open up your Wii. Make sure you know what you are doing before installing the chip.
  2. Insert the backup disc into your computer. Extract the file with the .iso extension. Burn the extracted .iso file to a CD-R disc.
  3. Attach the Game Cube controller. Plug your Game Cube controller into port 4 on your Wii game console.
  4. Turn on your Wii, and start to press all the directions on your control pad at the same time. Make sure to start pressing the buttons as soon as the Wii is turned on. It may take a few attempts before you are successful. If you are successful, you will see a black screen with a white version number on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Insert the CD-R into your Wii. A menu should appear on the screen a few seconds later.
  6. Chose the "Delete All" option from the menu to finish unbricking your Wii. This will delete all everything, except firmware upgrades from your Wii. You will have to reinstall everything again.
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