How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand

Once your passion takes command and your girl is ready, it’ll soon be time to unhook her bra. But in order to make a good, sexy first impression before scoring boob action, you’ll need to know how to do the unhooking with one hand. This sly move can be the difference in her laughing and you being a pro at the art of undressing. 

  1. Go slowly. Don’t kiss her once and then start undressing. Make sure she is warmed up before you decide to start removing her garments. Kiss her passionately on the neck and shoulder. This will give you an opportunity for her to become relaxed and turned on, making her really want to get undressed.  
  2. Determine the type of bra she is wearing. There are three main types of bras: Front clasp, back clasp and sports bras. You’ll need to know which type of bra  your girl is fitted with before you try to unhook it. Slide your dominate hand up the back of her shirt and feel for a clasp around the mid-back area. If you feel a piece of hook-shaped metal, you’ve located the clasp. If not, the clasp may be in the front, or she may be wearing a clasp-less sports bra.  
  3. Remove the bra. If she has on a back clasping bra, gently grip the clasp with your index and middle finger while your thumb applies pressure to the bra strap, creating slack to work with. The same can be done with front clasping bras, but the breasts may need to be pushed together a bit. Don’t worry, she won’t mind as long as you are careful and sure not to pinch her fun bags.  Be mindful that some bras have two to five clasps, so be sure you can get them all in one quick swipe.   

Tip: Make sure your hands are warm before you caress her mid-back.

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