How To Undo Her Bra

Figuring out how to undo her bra is pretty simple. The most important thing you will want to do before learning how to undo her bra is make sure that she wants you to undo it for her. This is an important step in foreplay so you will want to learn how to do it right. It can be a embarrassing if you have to mess with it too long to get it removed.

  1. Take off her shirt.  It is easiest to remove a bra by taking it off without a shirt on in the way. You will want the shirt out of your way anyway.
  2. Play around with the bra a bit. You will want to move your hands over it when figuring out how to undo her bra. Do this in a natural way where she feels like you are rubbing her back. You are doing this to make sure if the bra unfastens in the front or the back.
  3. If the bra unfastens in the front, slide your hand between her breasts. You will need to bend the bra between her breasts where it meets. This will then make it where you can either slide one piece up or down to undo her bra.
  4. If the bra unfastens in the back, it will have either one or two metal pieces that are slide into the clasp. You will want to slightly bend the bra where it fits together. You will be able to slide the two pieces out of the holes in the bra to simply undo her bra.
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