How To Undo A Restricted Nokia 3220

Wondering how to undo a restricted Nokia 3220? The Nokia 3220 is typically restricted (locked) to a specific carrier before it is purchased. Essentially, this prevents you from using another SIM card (cellular network) with the Nokia 3220 aside from the original carrier. This can be particularly upsetting for travelers or even those who enjoy their Nokia 3220 and want to take it to another cellular network. In order to undo a restricted Nokia 3220, you will need to obtain the unlock code, which is typically not free, although it can usually be obtained from your cellular provider.

  1. Determine your phone's IMEI. From the main screen on your Nokia 3220, enter the following with the keypad: *#06#. Note the number that appears on the screen of your Nokia 3220. The IMEI number will be used to calculate the code to undo a restricted Nokia 3220.
  2. Call your cellular provider. Call your cellular network provider by dialing their customer service number. This can typically be found on your bill or on their website.
  3. Tell them you're traveling. Explain to the customer service representative you are going to be traveling to Europe and you have to take your Nokia 3220 with you. Convince the representative you are actually planning on traveling. Typically the only circumstances in which a company will undo a restricted Nokia 3220 is for traveling purposes.
  4. Provide them the IMIE and undo your restricted Nokia 3220. Provide the customer service representative the IMEI number when prompted. The representative will then provide you with a code to enter into the Nokia 3220 to undo the restriction. If the representative refuses to assist you in obtaining the unlock code, you will need to purchase one on the internet.

The code to undo a restricted Nokia 3220 is specific to the IMEI. There are no free ways to get this code, nor do the free code generations function. The easiest way to get this code is from the cellular provider. Many online websites offer codes based on IMEI numbers, but be wary of cheaper services as they may provide a code that does not work on your Nokia 3220.

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