How To Unfreeze A Car Engine

The temperature outside plummeted, you forgot to put antifreeze in, and now you need to know how to unfreeze a car engine. Once your car's engine has been frozen, then there will be a lot of people telling you that your engine is gone. Sometimes that is not the case. You may be able to unfreeze a car engine and have it work normally.

Things you will need to unfreeze a car engine:

  • Propane heater
  • Garage
  • Car
  1. Park the car in a garage. More than likely, if a car engine is frozen, then it is freezing cold outside, so you need to park your car in a garage to rid the engine of extra coolness. Plus, most garages are naturally hotter than outdoor environments.
  2. Lift the car's hood. Go ahead and lift the hood to your car. You need to take note on all parts that are frozen. That way, when you decide that your car engine is unfrozen, you can go back through the engine to ensure that everything that was frozen is unfrozen.
  3. Heat propane heater. Place your propane heater at about ten to fifteen feet from your car. Also, make sure the propane heater is nowhere near anything flammable in the garage. Having the heater too close to the body of the car may melt away at its exterior. Wait for a minimum of four hours and a maximum of eight hours. It solely depends on how frozen your car engine may be. Do not leave the garage unattended. If you go anywhere, turn the propane heater completely off.
  4. Inspect engine. Once you have waited the appointed time, you need to touch and feel the engine. The main parts you should inspect are radiator hoses, the engine block, and the coolant reservoir. Your engine should be unfrozen. If not, then let the car sit for a little while longer with the propane heater.
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