How To Unlock All Costumes On Little Big Planet

A lot of gamers are still perplexed about how to unlock all costumes on Little Big Planet, the overwhelmingly over-achieving puzzle platform video game for the Playstation 3.  Little Big Planet is quite addicting and mentally challenging. One of its best features is the costume change.  Gamers get to choose what they want to look like or better yet, who they want to look like.  The game features a rich pool of costumes which gamers get to choose from, and although readily downloadable, these are not readily usable for players.

To start unlocking costumes, you will need the following:

  • Playstation 3 gaming console
  • Little Big Planet game
  • Internet connection for downloading
  • Patience, practice and more patience
  1. No cheating.  Essentially, Little Big Planet is widely considered as a game with virtually no cheat codes available anywhere.  Its dynamism in game play and easy to learn rules have earned it so much praise both from critics and players that it would nearly be an insult to a player’s intellect if they have to resort to cheating to get through with the game.  What is known in LBG circles around the world though is that the game has a lot of “Easter eggs” or interesting items that players can acquire if certain requirements are met while playing.
  2. Complete the levels.  Costumes can be unlocked if a player is able to complete certain levels without dying.  For example, you will be able to get the Bunny Tail part of a costume if you’re able to complete the level The Collector’s Lair.  A total of 25 costumes will be unlocked if a player is able to complete levels without having their Sackboy or Sackgirl killed.
  3. Complete the prize bubbles.  If a player is able to achieve a perfect completion (100%) of a level, more costumes will be rewarded.  This can be done by reaping the prize bubbles that are available in these levels.  Some costumes that can be earned in this manner are Circus, Big Cat, Big Sumo and Anteater.
  4. The Neon Skeleton.  There are some costumes that can be unlocked by following a simple set of instructions.  For example, to acquire the Neon Skeleton costume, a player needs to do a reset on their costume.  Afterwards, locate an area with electricity to shock Sackboy and immediately press pause.  While pausing, instead of the regular looking Sackboy, the gamer should be able to view a skeleton in the place of Sackboy.  Press and hold the Playstation button to switch the gamepad off and when prompted turn it back on to get the exact same look of a skeleton.
  5. Burnt Sackboy Anyone?  In the same way that the neon skeleton costume was acquired, the player needs to do a reset on the current costume.  Locate an area to get Sackboy burned and immediately press pause.  Press and hold the PS to switch the gamepad off and when prompted, turn it back on to get that charred look as a costume for Sackboy.
  6. Downloadable costumes.  The Internet offers costumes made by fellow gamers which can be downloaded by players.  Some will charge you for it and some give it out for free.  Some of these collections are from popular characters such as The Incredibles and the Marvel Super Heroes to name a few.  These are all readily available via the Internet.

All in all, the Little Big Planet is a game that can be enjoyed by young and old players alike.  The challenges it presents range from very easy to intellectually challenging.  In a perfect world, nobody needs to resort to cheating in order to get through the game successfully and enjoyably.  It is not just a game but an experience.

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