How To Unlock Anthony Carmine On Gears Of War 2

While the game has a few different unlockable characters, one of the most oft asked questions is how to unlock Anthony Carmine in Gears of War 2. Having some variation in who you can choose to play as while on the COG team in Gears of War 2's fast paced multiplayer is a pretty welcome thing, so unlocking a character like Anthony Carmine is fairly high on the list of most wanted unlocks. While unlocking Anthony Carmine isn't necessarily a difficult task, it may be something you didn't realize how to do until now.

  1. Still have Gears of War? To unlock Anthony Carmine, the conditions you need to fulfill rely on you accomplishing some tasks in Gears of War, the original. You might have actually already done what you need to, so if you still have a Gears of War save present on your Xbox 360, just sign on to Xbox Live and Anthony Carmine may already be unlocked. If not, beg, borrow or steal (don't steal, that's bad) a copy of the original Gears of War and pop it in.
  2. Defeat Act 1. That is it. All you need to do is beat Act 1 on any difficulty and get the achievement for completing it. You may need a walkthrough if this is the first time you've played Gears of War, and plenty of those are available, but Act 1 is the easiest act in the game. So simply live from beginning to end and get the necessary achievement.
  3. Sign on to Xbox Live. Now, all you have to do is join a multiplayer game and voila! You've unlocked the youngest, and deadest, Carmine brother in Gears of War 2!
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