How To Unlock Blackberry 8300

So you cannot unlock your Blackberry, and now you need instructions on how to unlock a Blackberry 8300. The Blackberry 8300 unlocks like many other Blackberry cell phones. Why should you unlock your Blackberry cell phone? By unlocking your Blackberry cell phone is enables you to change your sim card and use your Blackberry with a different carrier. This gives you freedom to roam and allows you to use your cell phone with other carriers of your choice. Listed below you will find instructions on how to unlock Blackberry 8300. The instructions listed below help you to unlock your 8300 blackberry cell phone. Most of the instructions for unlocking a blackberry cell phone are the same for most cell phones. Blackberry cell phones are a great way to keep in contact with friends and family through text or e-mail and other software that Blackberry supports.

To unlock your Blackberry 8300, you will need:

  • Unlock code
  • MEP
  1. Once you have obtained your unlock codes, it is now time to unlock Blackberry 8300. Go to your settings menu and click options. Once you have clicked on options, click advanced options. Once at advanced options, clicked click on sim card.
  2. Type MEPD using the keypad on your Blackberry. There will be no text showing while you type. Type MEP and then press the ALT button and then the number 2 button on your Blackberry cell phone. You will now see “enter network MEP code.” Type the unlock code and press the trackball on your Blackberry cell phone. Congratulations, you have now unlocked your Blackberry 8300 and are now able to use your cell phone.



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