How To Unlock A Blackberry 8700

With some easy-to-do steps, you can learn how to unlock a BlackBerry 8700. Having a BlackBerry phone can be very beneficial in today’s fast-paced world. It would be even greater if you could unlock your BlackBerry and use it with any carrier of your choice.

To unlock your BlackBerry 8700, you will need:

  • A BlackBerry 8700 device
  • An unlock code
  1. Retrieve the unlock code. In order to unlock your BlackBerry device, you will need to get the unlock code. Your current service provider has this information. It will be released to you if you are no longer under contract, or if you leave the country. You can also purchase this code from different online code generators. These are not always guaranteed to work, so it’s best to get the code from your provider.
  2. Turn the wireless option off. The first step in unlocking your BlackBerry 8700 is to make sure your SIM card is inserted into the phone. You will then need to access your options and turn the radio off. This will turn the wireless option off.
  3. Enter some special codes. You will now need to return to your BlackBerry options and proceed to "Advanced Options." Scroll down and select the SIM card option. Before you type in these codes you should know that you will not see what you are typing in on the screen. Type MEPD, then type in MEP2. After these codes are put in correctly, type in your unlock code. Now press enter.
  4. Reboot your device. The last step in unlocking your BlackBerry 8700 is the reboot. Once your device is fully rebooted it should be unlocked. You can now use the phone across the world with any carrier.


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