How To Unlock Blackberry 8830

Learning how to unlock Blackberry 8830 is a relatively simple process. A locked blackberry 8830 means that the cell phone only accepts the "sim" card from the network the phone was purchased with. Unlocking your cell phone will give you access to any chosen network in any compatible country, worldwide.

To unlock the Blackberry 8830, you will need:

  • Blackberry 8830 cell phone
  • IMEI serial number
  • Unlock code
  • SIM card
  1. The IMEI serial number is located under the battery of the blackberry 8830. When you remove the back cover of the blackberry, take out the battery and a white sticker will have the 15 digit IMEI serial number.
  2. Contact the cell phone carrier to obtain the unlock code. Some cell phone carriers have policies regarding giving out the unlock code such as must be a good standing customer or must have had account for a 90 day period. If you are unable to access the unlock code from cell phone carrier, look for a reputable vendor who has good customer feedback, who can sell the unlock code to you.
  3. Go to the settings menu on the blackberry 8830 and access options.
  4. Select "Advanced Options" and then "SIM card."
  5. Type "MEPD" using your blackberry 8830 keyboard. You will not see the "MEPD" on the screen as you type the text.
  6. Again type the "MEP  [Alt Button]" then "2" on your blackberry 8830 keyboard. Again you will not see any text on the screen.
  7. A prompt will appear saying "Enter MEP Code." Type in the unlock code and confirm with the trackball.
  8. You have now unlocked the Blackberry 8830.

Once you have followed these instructions on how to unlock a blackberry 8830 you will now be able to insert a SIM card and be able to use the network carrier of your choice. This can be especially handy when traveling to a foreign country and being able to use a compatible network from that country.

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