How To Unlock A BlackBerry Pearl 8100

Finding out how to unlock a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 is quick and easy. The BlackBerry Pearl is a popular smartphone device. Unlocking the device will allow you to use it on various networks and in various countries across the world.

To unlock your BlackBerry Pearl 8100, you will need:

  • Your BlackBerry Pearl 8100
  • An unlock code
  1. Turn off the radio. Be sure that your SIM card is inserted into the phone. Turn the device on and proceed to the options menu. Turn the radio to off. This will turn your wireless option off.
  2. Proceed to the advanced options screen. To continue unlocking your BlackBerry phone, return to the options screen and select "Advanced Options." Scroll down and select the SIM card option.
  3. Enter the codes. Before you begin entering the codes in the SIM card option screen, know that you will not see what you are entering on the screen. To begin unlocking the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, enter MEPPD. You will press the keys, M, ER, OP, OP, and DF. Type in the code MEPP2. Use the keys M, ER, OP, OP, shift, and 2.
  4. Enter unlock code. After entering the unlock codes, you will need to enter your personal device unlock code. This code can be retrieved either from your wireless service provider or an independent company. Most independent companies will charge a fee.
  5. Reboot the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. Once you have successfully entered the unlock code, press enter. Basically, just press your trackball. Now reboot your device. Once the BlackBerry is rebooted it is unlocked and ready for use.




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