How To Unlock Guns In Battlefield 2

If you are wondering how to unlock guns in "Battlefield 2", you are not alone. The long way is to earn stars in the game but players are always looking for shortcuts. The cheats came slow and were well hidden in the code but gamers soon figured them out by word of mouth or hacking. Obviously more weapons will not only help you out a great deal, it is simply a lot more fun to have all that death at your disposal. This guide will show you how to unlock all the guns in "Battlefield 2" for the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC.

To unlock guns in "Battlefield 2", you will need:

  • Battlefield 2
  • Xbox, Playstation 2 or PC
  • Notepad for the PC
  1. The Playstation 2 way. To unlock all the guns in "Battlefield 2" on the Playstation 2 console, you have to be on a mission. While playing, hold down your "R1" and "R2" buttons. Now you will be able to enter right, right, down, up, left and left. Now check out your guns. Oh yeah.
  2. The Xbox way. The Xbox cheat is pretty much the same one that was put in for the Playstation 2. To unlock all the guns in "Battlefield 2" on the Xbox, press and hold the "Black" and "White" buttons. Now enter "right", "right", "down", "up", "left" and "left" again on the directional pad. You should now have all the guns in the game.
  3. The PC way. The PC method to unlock guns in "Battlefield 2" is a little more complicated as you have to make a slight alteration to the code. First find the file "". It will be located in "\Battlefield 2\python\bf2\stats". Make a copy of this file. Now open "" in "Notepad." Search for the term "defaultunlocks". You will see this: "defaultUnlocks = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]". Change the 0's to 1's so it says "defaultUnlocks = [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]". Now save the file and load the game. Presto.


  • When you unlock guns for "Battlefield 2" on the PC you should realize it really only works for single player mode. It actually does work in multiplayer but EA will catch on to you quick. Some people get warnings and some have had their CD Key revoked. So put the original '' back when  playing multiplayer.   
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