How To Unlock An iPod Shuffle

Nothing's worse than not knowing how to unlock an iPod shuffle. You want to start listening to music, but the stupid thing isn't starting. Well, here's how to get everything going:

  1. Locking an iPod Shuffle. To lock an iPod shuffle, you will press down on the "Play/Pause" button for a few seconds. When you see a traffic light yellow color flashing, that means the iPod Shuffle is locked.
  2. Unlocking an iPod Shuffle. Let go of the "Play/Pause" button, then press it again for a few more seconds. This time, you should see a bright, green color flashing. That signals that the iPod shuffle is unlocked.
  3. Charging the iPod Shuffle. If you see no lights or if just the yellow light is blinking, find the first computer you sycned to your iPod shuffle. To unlock the iPod shuffle, you will first want to try and charge it. No lights generally means that the battery is dead and needs some new juice. To hook up the iPod shuffle to your computer, use the white, USB charger that came with it. Plug in the smaller end to the computer and the longer end to the iPod shuffle.
  4. Restoring the iPod Shuffle. If you try and charge the iPod shuffle and you still can't unlock it, you should restore it to the factory settings. To restore an iPod shuffle, keep it hooked up to the computer. Open iTunes and find the iPod shuffle under the "Devices" tab of the iTunes column on the left. Be warned, though, that restoring the iPod shuffle will erase all the data and your songs will have to sync with iTunes again. You will see the "Restore" button once you have clicked it under the "Devices" tab. Click the button and begin restoring your iPod shuffle.

Try each step in order. Don't restore your iPod shuffle immediately because you will lose all your songs and have to find a computer with your songs again.

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