How To Unlock Keypad For Nokia Phones

With the security features found on these cell phones you should know how to unlock keypad for Nokia phones. This security feature protects your phone and your information. It requires a pre-programmed code to gain access into the phone. Initially the retail store in which you purchased this phone has a code set up and programmed into the Nokia cell phone. Once the purchase is made, you can change this code into any four digital numeric code of your choosing. Use something that you are familiar with so you will remember this code. But do not choose something obvious like your birthday or your house number. If your Nokia phone is ever stolen all it would require in that case is for the thief to know where you live and your birth date. This is information that is easily found on your driver's license. 

  1. Press the Menu button on your keypad. This will take your Nokia phone out of away status and light up the display screen so that you can see your options. You should see the word unlock appear at the far right side of your Nokia cell phone.
  2. Press the unlock button to unlock the Nokia phone. You will then be asked for a security code. As stated above your security code is important to keep up with.
  3. Enter the four digit security code you programmed into your Nokia phone. Then press the OK button in the middle of the keypad. Your Nokia phone is now unlocked and fully functional. You can place calls, send SMS messages, and anything else you choose. Press the lock button when you are finished to keep your phone secure, and to prevent it from dialing while in your pocket or hooked to your belt.
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