How To Unlock Lightsaber Crystals In Force Unleashed For Wii

Learning How to unlock lightsaber crystals in Force Unleashed for Wii is a very difficult process without assistance. There are a total of nineteen "light" lightsaber crystals throughout Wii Force Unleashed (including the red one you start out with) and finding them all means looking pretty much everywhere for them. These lightsaber crystals affect how your lightsaber's blade will look.  There are also eight "power" lightsaber crystals (including "IIum", the one you start with) you can locate during your quest as Darth Vader's secret apprentice in Wii Force Unleashed. These lightsaber crystals give your weapon added abilities when equipped. Needless to say, the "power" lightsaber crystals are the more important of the two types to find while playing Wii Force Unleashed. So, lets find those lightsaber crystals.

Light Crystals:

  1. Imperial Felucia. you'll find the green colored crystal on your second visit as soon as the level begins. Later on you'll also locate the compressed purple across the bridge to the right. You'll find unstable blue (above the stone chairs), unstable red (near left of a path of small mushrooms) and compressed gold (to the left of the two shamans in the second big area).
  2. Death Star. There's two. You'll find the unstable green crystal here(down the first linear path). You'll also find the coolest of all the light crystals in Wii Force Unleashed here, the black crystal (in the convergence room ride the blue lifts to the top and jump to the supports).
  3. Raxus Prime. You'll find five different crystals here. The crystals are the compressed red (near the cracked metal gate where the Skiffs appeared), compressed green (right of the Rodian tunnel), unstable purple (in the Ore facility on the upper right side path), compressed yellow (underneath the large electrical switch platform), and gold (left of the entrance of the scavenger camp).
  4. Imperial Kashyyk. You've got two crystals to find. You've got compressed blue at the beginning of the level. Purple is in a tree near caged wookies.
  5. Tie Fighter Factory. There's only one lightsaber crystal in the Tie Fighter factory. You'll find the yellow crystal here at the end of the crashed ship. Just double jump to get it.
  6. Cloud City. You'll find two light crystals on this level. The first one you'll run into is the unstable gold crystal next to the bar in the carbonite chamber. The other one is the unstable yellow on a metal pipe above the apprentice.
  7. The Emperical. You'll only have one to find here. The blue crystal. Just go through the door.

Power Crystals.

  1. Rubat. You'll find this one at the Tie Fighter factory in the second assembly room near the spare wing parts. Double jump to get it. This crystal gives your lightsaber a more powerful attack.
  2. Ruusan. This power crystal is on Cloud City on top of the bar. It reduces the amount of force energy you use when calling on your force powers. This is definitely useful.
  3. Lorrdian. This crystal is on the Emperical. Its at the end of the hall full of troopers.It helps you deflect blaster shots and send them back to your enemy.
  4. Sigil. This ones on Imperial Raxus Prime. It increases your lightning power's effects. You'll find it in the beginning of the level on an upper platform to the right in a hatch.
  5. Vexxtal. This powerful crystal upgrade can drain the power of your enemies. You'll find it on Imperial Felucia on top of the first crane.
  6. Firkrann. Firkrann is on Raxus Prime. This crystal gives you the ability to increase the electrical damage of certain lightsaber attacks. You'll find it in plain sight after the second Junk Titan.
  7. Katak. This is the most powerful crystal in Wii Force Unleashed. It drains your enemies' energy and refills your own. You'll find it on the Death Star. Take the elevator on the left side.

If you don't want to go through the trouble of looking for all the crystals in Wii Force Unleashed, you can enter the password "HURRIKANE" in at the password screen enabling all of the crystals at the very beginning of the game. The only problem is that  using codes disables your ability to save your game.

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