How To Unlock My iPod Touch Screen

Looking for easy instructions to figure out how to unlock your iPod touch screen?  Success, you've found the place. Now, if you own an iPod Touch, you know that it is a wonderfully useful little gadget.  There are all sorts of awesome features and neat apps for the iPod touch, but in order to use them, the first thing you need to know is how to unlock your iPod Touch screen.   You'll need the following

  • an iPod Touch
  • a few minutes
  1. Unlocking an iPod Touch without a passcode.  If you have not set a passcode on your iPod Touch, then unlocking the iPod Touch screen is a very simple and straightforward matter. Just press the home button on the iPod Touch, or the sleep/wake button, then drag the slider to unlock the iPod Touch screen.  
  2. Unlocking an iPod Touch with a passcode. If you have set your iPod Touch to require a passcode when unlocking the screen, then you will also need to enter your four digit passcode to finish unlocking the screen after following the directions in step one.  
  3. Cautionary notes. If you have chosen to set a passcode to unlock your iPod Touch screen, then you will need to remember that after ten failed attempts to unlock the screen, the iPod will automatically be reset to the factory default configuration. This will result in the loss of all of your customized information and data.  If you choose to use a passcode to unlock the iPod Touch, be sure not to forget your passcode. The passcode cannot be recovered.



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