How To Unlock Nazi Zombie Wii

Do you need to know how to unlock Nazi zombie Wii "Call of Duty"? Read on and find out. If you are a hardcore gamer, you probably avoid the Wii like the plague. Although there is no reason to shun the Wii if you are a hardcore gamer. The selection of casual garbage games remains high, but the hardcore game titles for the console are increasing slowly. Players of shooting games have one really good reason not to avoid the Wii's version of   "Call of Duty: World at War ". The Wii motes work really well for the shooter games.

To unlock the Nazi Zombie (Wii):

  1. Play through the campaign mode of "Call of Duty: World at War". You do not get the fun of killing or playing as a Nazi zombie if you do not complete the campaign mode as a veteran. Some players will have a harder time completing this step on others.

  2. Complete the Campaign in Cooperative Mode. There is debate on whether the first or the this step is the correct way. Complete both and there is no ambiguity about which is the correct way to get Nazi zombies on the Wii.

  3. Download the latest content for Modern Warfare Onto Your Wii. People who bought the game sometime after the first few releases can skip this step, but the Nazi Zombies were not included with the initial release of the game. You may have to wait until fall of this year for the ability to be added.

The Wii often lags behind other systems in terms of the content for popular game series'. This is due in part to the Wii games not selling as well as the games released for other onsoles. Exercise a little patience or buy a new system if you really need to face Nazi zombies now. 

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