How To Unlock Samsung E250

Do you have a new Samsung phone and need to know how to unlock a Samsung E250? Most wireless phones are locked to one wireless network provider. In order for you to use a different provider, you must first unlock your phone. It is not difficult to unlock a Samsung E250 and there are a few different unlocking options for you to choose from.

 To unlock a Samsung E250, you need:

  • Samsung E250
  • IMEI code
  • Unlock code
  • Software program (optional)
  • USB cord (optional)
  1. Find your phone's IMEI code. Make sure your phone is powered on. To find the IMEI code on your Samsung E250, dial "*#06#" from your keypad. The IMEI is needed to obtain the unlock code for your phone.
  2. Unlock your phone using a software program. Purchase the required software online from with either a credit card or PayPal account. Once you purchase the software, connect your Samsung E250 to your computer with your USB cord and run the unlock software program. Compete the steps the program gives you to unlock you phone.
  3. Purchase an unlocked phone. If you don't want to use software to unlock your phone, you can use this method. Purchase unlock codes through websites such as GSM Liberty. You must provide your cell phone's IMEI number to obtain an unlock code for your Samsung E250 via email. Once you obtain the unlock code, make sure to reboot your phone without the SIM card in it. Type "#7465625*638*YOUR_CODE#" into your phone and "Network Lock Deactivated" will pop up.
  4. Mail in your phone to have it unlocked by GSM Liberty. GSM Liberty can unlock your phone and send it back to you by mail. You just have to provide your address and credit card information and pay about $60. Once GSM Liberty unlocks your Samsung E250, it will arrive within two to three business days after they mail it.
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