How To Unlock Samsung Phones

While phone companies may not be too happy about it, phone unlocking is completely legal and if you want to know how to unlock Samsung phones you can easily obtain the information and the unlock codes. It only takes a few minutes to get your phone up and running, completely unlocked. Keep in mind that a phone company may lock your phone again if you send it in for a repair, so keep the Samsung unlock code on hand in case you need it again in the future.

Items You'll Need:

  • Phone unlock code
  • SIM card
  1. Obtain the unlock code for your specific model of Samsung phone. These codes are available online through forums and websites such as Hyfeno. Simply choose your model from the dropdown menu and write the unlock code down to have for reference. If you cannot find the unlock code for your phone, you can try calling the company you purchased the phone from and asking for it. While not all companies will supply you with this information, certain ones will or may even offer to unlock your Samsung phone for you.
  2. Turn on your phone and type the unlock code into the phone's dial pad. After typing in the code, your phone should provide some sort of message either confirming you have unlocked your Samsung phone or asking you to exit the screen. If no message appears, consider buying an inexpensive phone unlocking software or sending your phone in to a professional unlocking company, such as The Travel Insider.
  3. Switch the SIM card in the phone with a new SIM card to use your unlocked Samsun phone on a different network. You can also remove the SIM card from your unlocked Samsung phone and place it in a new phone to use without changing your current Samsung service plan.

Certain phone models may freeze or lock up if you try several different unlock codes and none of them are right. See if anyone else has used the code successfully before entering it in your phone. If you experience problems, contact your cell phone service provider.

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