How To Unlock A Samsung Solstice

Lots of people have the smart phone, but do you know how to unlock a Samsung Solstice with ease? Unlocking phones (or SIM unlocking) is the act of freeing your phone from a particular network provider or region. To unlock your Samsung Solstice we will actually be removing the SIM from its hardware. Your Samsung Solstice will then be free to go on whatever network it desires.

What will you need to unlock a Samsung Solstice? Check it out:

  • Your Samsung SGH-A887 (aka the Solstice)
  • Your Unlock Code
  • The IMEI number for your cell


  1. Get your IMEI number. Retrieve this number by typing in *#06# on your Samsung Solstice. The phone will then give you this handy-dandy 3-digit number in exchange.
  2. Find your unlock code. Again, if you haven't obtained this hand little octo-numerical value yet, then get it. To get this, call your Mobile Operator Customer Care Department (this varies based on carrier) and give them the IMEI number for your Samsung Solstice. Some websites have lists of these codes online.
  3. Power on the Solstice without its SIM. Remove the SIM card in the back of your mobile device. The "on button" for the Samsung Solstice is located on the top right corner of the phone.
  4. Type in the unlock command. The proper unlock command on the Samsung Solstice is #7465625*[IMEI number]*[Unlock code]. Do not put brackets in the IMEI or unlock numbers, just the digits will do. There should be no spaces.
  5. Device will respond, be patient. Unlocking might be something that is time consuming for your Solstice; be patient with it. On completion of the unlocking, your Samsung will say "Network Lock Deactivated," possibly followed by a reboot. Congratulations on figuring out how to unlock a Samsung Solstice.

Be patient when you unlock a Samsung Solstice. Different providers have different rules, and obviously most carriers will discourage switching between networks. After all, that is their business. Be sure to check up with local laws concerning unlocking as well.

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