How To Unlock Yoshi In Super Mario Galaxy

People who have played older Super Mario games on Nintendo's earlier systems know Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur friend, and many want to know how to unlock Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy. Unfortunately Yoshi is not a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy, but it is possible to unlock him as a character that Mario interacts with in the Comet Observatory.

  1. Collect 60 or more stars. After that, go defeat Bowser once.
  2. Go to the Good Egg Galaxy. In this galaxy there is a Yoshi Egg planet. Go to this planet and shoot five or more star bits at each green spot on the planet.
  3. Now go to the Space Junk Galaxy. Select the secret star, Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance. If you haven't completed this one yet, you can select Tarantox's Tangled Web.
  4. Feed the Luma. You will feed it 50 star bits, and it will turn into the Yoshi planet. This planet is shaped just like Yoshi's head.
  5. Launch to the Yoshi planet using the launch star. You now have to defeat all of the Goomba's by stomping on them, not touching the ground once.
  6. Go to Yoshi's nostril's on the planet. They will spew fire, which you will put out with Mario's spin attack. An egg will appear on Yoshi's nose.
  7. Pick up the egg. You will get a star, and a Yoshi sound will play. Go to the Comet Observatory, and Yoshi will be there, wishing you luck in your mission to save the Princess Peach from Bowser.  

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