How To Unlock Your iPhone Backup File

Need help figuring how to unlock your iPhone backup file? Look no further! Your iPhone backup file is something that every good user needs to have. It contains all kinds of information concerning your Apple product and its contents that could otherwise easily be lost. So if you need to unlock your iPhone backup file, read on oh data-conscious Apple user.

To unlock your iPhone backup file you will need:

  • An Apple iPhone
  • iTunes software
  • A computer (compatible with your specific iTunes software)
  • An iPhone connector cable
  1. Create your iPhone backup file. This should be painfully obvious. For those geniuses who have already done this step prior to trying to figure out how to unlock your iPhone backup file, then skip this. This is easy enough: sync your iPhone to your iTunes software on the computer you have. When this is done, your iPhone backup file is created automatically each time you connect. However, it is not created multiple times if you sync more than once per connection.
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer you sync with. Which ever laptop/netbook/desktop/computer that has your iTunes software (and has previously made a backup of your Apple product) is the one you want to connect to.
  3. Select the iPhone on your iTunes interface. Your device should automatically pop up on the GUI. If, however, it takes longer than a few minutes for the software to detect your iPhone, then go ahead and unplug it, restart it, and begin the process again.
  4. Click on the "Summary" tab and then on "Restore." If you have to unlock your iPhone backup file, a form will pop up asking for your password/permission. Go ahead and enter the appropriate credentials and be on your merry little way to a fully restored iPhone! Be careful not to unplug prior to pressing the 'eject' button next to your iPhone's name or else you might have to do one more restoration.

It isn't too difficult to unlock your iPhone, but it's important to know how just in case. "Locking" music devices, and your iPhone backup file in particular, isn't really a necessity and can actually be quite counter-productive if you forget it. Be sure to contact Apple's help line at 1-800-MY-APPLE or their online website if you have any problems restoring your iPhone backup file.

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