How To Unlock Your Screen On An iPod Nano Chromatic

Apple has a feature which allows you to lock your iPod, which is great for preventing unwanted access; learn about how to unlock your screen on an iPod Nano Chromatic, if you have accidently locked yourself out of your iPod Nano. The following instructions on how to unlock your iPod Nano chromatic will work for any iPod nano or iPod 5th generation (also known as iPod with video).

In order to learn about how to unlock your screen on an iPod nano chromatic, you will need:

  • The combination to unlock your screen ( a four digit combination)
  • A USB cord compatible with your iPod Nano Chromatic
  • The latest version of itunes
  1. Unlock your iPod by entering the combination. If your iPod nano chomatic is locked, you will see a "screen lock" prompting you to enter the code. Use the same method to unlock your iPod that you did to set the screen lock initially. The combination is four digits. If you do not enter the combination correctly, your iPod will flash red numbers. If you successfully unlock your iPod, it will resume what it was doing on the last viewed screen. If this does not work, proceed to step 2.
  2. Unlock your iPod by connecting it to your computer. Using your USB cord, connect your iPod to the same computer you synced it with. If your computer does not recognized your iPod, or your do not have the latest version of itunes, you can go to store>check for available downloads. After you eject your iPod from your computer, it should be unlocked. If this does not work, proceed to step 3.
  3. Unlock your iPod by restoring it. This is the method of last resort. This method of unlocking your screen should only be used if you have forgotten your passcode and have no way of retrieving it (and know you cannot call apple, they do not know your passcode). By restoring your iPod, you will lose all of your songs and other data on your iPod.


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