How To Unplug Ears

If you have grown tired of feeling like you are missing part of the conversation, you probably want to know how to unplug your ears. Plugged ears can leave you feeling as if all of your senses are impaired. There are many home remedies that work to treat unplugged ears. 

To unplug your ears, you are going to need:

  • Oral decongestants
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • White Vinegar
  1. Oral decongestants. If your ears are all clogged up due to allergies or cold, an oral decongestant should work to unplug your ears. Oral decongestants that contain pseudophedrine can help to not only unplug ears, but also decrease the congestion that often accompanies clogged ears. 
  2. Maybe it's just the water. Plugged up ears could be the result of getting water in your ears. If that is the case, to unplug your ears, a simple solution of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar should help to dry out your ears. The solution will not only unplug your ears, it will keep any bacteria from growing. bacteria has been known to lead to an ear infection.
  3. Ear candling. Another good way to unplug ears is ear candling. Yes, ear candling. The process involved taking a hollowed candle, inserting it into your ear canal, and lighting the match. The candle wax is supposed to help remove earwax that may be plugging your ears up. Although it sounds painful, it has been used by many natural health practitioners. But, don't try this at home!

The great news about plugged ears is that they usually unplug on their own. It can take awhile, but you should be fine in a few days. If you are not prepared to wait, one of the above remedies should work to effectively unplug your ears.


Unplug your ears

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