How To Unprotect A Warcraft 3 Map

Players who want to enhance their gaming experiences or cheat on game maps need to know how to unprotect a Warcraft 3 map. The standard Blizzard files for the regular game and the expansion packs come with copy-protection in place. You can get around the protection with a few simple tools. Blizzard does not endorse the contents of this article, but probably does not care as long as you do not release the modification to the general public.

  1. Download a Warcraft 3 Deprotection Utility. Xdep works best for most people, although the program requires some setup. Open the xped.ini file. Change the inmapfile and outmapfile lines to the file names you want to use. Set the name of the inmapfile to the protected file. The outmapfile is the unprotected version of the map.
  2. Unpack the Map File. Do not start Warcraft 3 yet. Unpack the file and add it into the MPQ folder. If you run both Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, do not put it in the World of Warcraft folder.
  3. Run the Xdep Utility. The .ini file you edited earlier contains the file names used. You do not need to engage in any additional keystrokes. Other types of stroking that you may wish to engage in are completely optional. 
  4. Load Warcraft 3. Select the skirmish mode. Select the map you created from the pull down menu and enter the game. You can use all the cheats, resources and other items you place on the map to your heart's content. Just try not to let Arthas have too much fun with Frostmourne.
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