How To Unprotect A Word Document

You will have to know how to unprotect a Word document when the time comes for editing. The "Read Only" permissions can be irritating to work around and no one wants to retype anything. Luckily, unprotecting is a very easy task. The only difficulties that can arise from this objective are if you set a password and then forgot it. In a case like that you will either have to get a little more creative.

To unprotect a Word document, you will need:

  • A copy of Microsoft Word
  • A protected Word document
  • A computer
  1. You know the password. To unprotect a Word document, you will first need to find and open the document in question. Then go to your "Tools" menu and click on it. In this menu look for the "Unprotect Document" option and choose it. You may have to expand the "Tools" menu by clicking the little chevron at the end of the menu if you cannot see it. A prompt will ask you for your password so type it in. Now you can modify the document permissions or just leave them open.
  2. You forgot the password. To unprotect a Word document that you have forgotten the password on, you will need to save the file in a different format. This is the easiest way to edit it again. Open the document and save it as a Rich Text File. Now save it again as a Microsoft Word document but change the file name. For example, if your document is called "Meeting Agenda," save it as "Meeting Agenda1." Now you can edit it again.
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